C3 Excavation Installs Driveways & Access Roads in Tuscarawas County, Ohio

The planning process for a new driveway or access road is an important part of the entire process. We consider the environmental conditions, including the soil, trees, topography, and drainage issues, to determine where best to build the new drive.

Our goal is to create access roads that are safe and durable, which includes making sure that we have provided all the right materials that are needed. An access road or driveway can be created for a private residence, a commercial business, or a government building. After we have determined the type of access road or driveway we will make, our team will create a drawing of the project.

What is a Driveway vs. an Access Road?

Access roads and driveways are created so people can move around and in or out of properties. It cannot be very clear because access roads and driveways are on private property, but they are each used for different purposes. An access road is used to gain access to a building or property, while a driveway leads to a structure such as a house.

A driveway is a private road or path that can be reached off a public road. It is used to access driveways, lawns of personal property, and surrounding commercial areas. In some regions of Tuscarawas County, Ohio, an access road is a long driveway that provides a right of way to the public. In other areas, an access road is a short driveway providing house access. Parking lots also allow cars to park near businesses or commercial properties considered access roads. If a tree on the property has been damaged, we will remove it and make sure all its roots have been removed as well. Removing trees can help with drainage issues because trees take water from the soil and leave debris behind once they shed their leaves or needles.

A short driveway or path could run along the side of a house, while a longer one can extend across the yard. The length depends on the type of property built on it. The best thing to do is always to ask our team what they can do for you, whether it is making improvements or creating a new driveway or access road.