What Services are Included with Shoreline and Creek Excavation in Ohio?

C3 Excavation’s Shoreline and Creek Excavation Expert Services in Tuscarawas County, Ohio

Shoreline and Creek Excavation is a specialty site preparation company that offers a wide range of services for both residential and commercial clients. Our services are available throughout Tuscarawas, Stark, Holmes, Harrison, Wayne, Carroll & Coshocton Counties in Ohio.

1. Grease Traps:

These traps are intended to remove grease from the wastewater at a commercial site. This keeps the wastewater from entering the creek, which often causes pollution problems downstream. They are easily attached to a commercial site; they are not intrusive.

2. Double Bags of Soil:

This soil is placed on the site to be excavated or backfilled and acts as a cap over the hole after the concrete is poured. It will keep moisture in during the winter and absorb any rain in the summer, keeping it from seeping into the ground, thus preventing erosion problems.

3. Landfill:

The landfill is one of C3 Excavation’s specialty services when large amounts of waste must be disposed of for environmental reasons. The dump is constructed on-site to ensure all waste being deposited is disposed of properly from an ecological point-of-view.

4. Concrete:

Concrete is used to build roads, sidewalks, foundations, and retaining walls. Poor soil conditions or sloping land often result in the need for concrete to be used. Concrete must be mixed with unique materials for proper drainage and structure construction. C3 Excavation handles all the concrete work for its clients.

5. Flower Boxes:

Flower boxes are constructed in-ground on commercial sites or in any area of a residential place where plants are being grown. These flower boxes add beauty to the landscape and value to the property because they present an attractive appearance when looking at homes from the street.

6. Backfilling:

Backfilling is a step in the construction process that often is required for site preparation. The backfill material that C3 Excavation provide is typically made from recycled materials, helping to keep it out of the environment as much as possible. It allows for proper ground drainage after a structure has been built. Building construction also involves using concrete forms from C3 Excavation to lift heavy objects like beams, beams, and posts, and beams or posts into place.

7. Storm Drain:

Storm drains are another essential element of site preparation. These drains are built in several sizes depending on how much water must be removed from the construction site during rainstorms and where the water is exiting from. Storm drains tell the outside world what is happening at a construction site and help prevent flooding against nearby properties.

8. Soil Retarder:

Soil retarder is another addition to a construction site that can significantly slow down erosion during construction, mainly when used with planting trees and landscaping.

C3 Excavation has a long history of working to protect the environment in Ohio. We will provide all the materials needed for the site preparation work and ensure that it is done correctly and on time. This allows us to guarantee excellence in every job they do.